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Current Research

Demand theory, Oligopoly theory, Game theory and the environment, Applied econometrics in resource and environmental economics.


What impact has climate change had on Irish fisheries?, presented at at the Applied Microeconometrics and Public Policy Conference, NUI Galway, Ireland, 3rd July 2012 and at the 2012 ICES Annual Science Conference, Bergen, Norway September 17-21, 2012.

(with Linda Nostbakken) Multijurisdiction quota enforcement for transboundary renewable resources, SNF working paper No. 18/10, july 2010

(with Thilak Mallawarachchi)Are international environmental agreements stable ex-post

The river sharing problem: a review of the technical literature for policy economists

Local infrastructure, regional development and the analysis of proximity using network statistics, presented at the Sixiemes journees de la proximite, University of Poitiers, France, October 14th-16th 2009.

(with Sharon O'Donnell), Imputing medical out of pocket (MOOP) expenditures using SIPP and MEPS, presented at the summer meeting of the American Statistical Association and at the Brookings institution, october 2009.

(with Stuart McDonald) Simulating stochastic partial differential equations by method of lines with application to interest rate term structure

Potential impacts of deregulating land assignment in sugarcane on eutrophication of the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

A constant elasticity of profit production function

Reconciling resource economics and ecological economics: the economics of sustainability and resilience

A dynamic model of renewable resource harvesting with Bertrand competition

(with Thilak Mallawarachchi and Gillian Salerno) Environmental lobbying with imperfect monitoring of environmental quality

End-point versus point of sale levying of plant breeding royalties: An economic analysis using optimal control theory

(with Gillian Salerno and Stuart McDonald) Rent-seeking behavior and optimal taxation of pollution in shallow lakes.

A note on Rubinstein's Why are certain properties of binary relations relatively more common in natural language?

Rent-seeking interest groups and environmental lobbying: Cane farmers versus Great Barrier Reef protectionists.


Implementation of a next generation course architecture for blended learning, in Khare, A., Hurst, D. One the Line, Springer, Cham, 2018

The changing nature of the information supply chain,IAFOR Journal of Business and Management, 2017, 2(1): 36-48.

N-firm oligopoly with general iso-elastic demand, Bulletin of Economic Research, 2015,67: 3336-345.

(with Stuart McDonald) Time-consistent fair water sharing agreements, in: Jorgensen, Steffen, Vincent, Thomas,Quincampoix, Marc (Eds.) Advances in Dynamic Game theory and Applications Series: Annals of the international Society of Dynamic Games, vol. 9, 2007.

(with L.Yanes, K.K. Tang and Evelyn Ng) The Hierarchical Structure of the Firm: A geometric approach, Economics Bulletin, vol.13, no.13, pp.1-7.

(with K/K/Tang) (2004) Comparing income distributions between economies that reward innovation and those that reward knowledge, The ICFAI Journal of Public Finance, II (2), 77-88.

(with K.K. Tang) Designing hierarchical organizations using rank-order tournament theory, in: Operaions research into the 21st Century, (eds) Chattopadhyay, G., Kozan, E. and Beard, R. Australian Society for Operations Research Queensland Branch, Australia, pp.18-34.

(with Malcolm Wegener) (2001) Industry structure and reform of the Queensland sugar industry: A computational model, Economic analysis and policy Vol. 31, no.2, september.

Random search as a solution procedure for optimal stochastic control problems, in: M. Nooriafshar, E.Kozan and P. Wark (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th Operations Research Conference of the Australian Society for Operations Research, Queensland Branch, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, 20 April 2001.

(with S. McDonald and T. Purcell) How about tomorrow? Optimal procrastination and the implications for delay in submitting to conferences, in: M. Nooriafshar, E. Kozan and P. Wark (eds.) Proceedings of the 4th Operations Conference of the Australian Society for Operations Research, Queensland Branch, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, 20 April 2001.

(with T.J. Venn and S.R. Harrison) Modelling stand yield of timber species under sparse data, in: S. Harrison and J. Herbohn (eds.) Socioeconomic evaluation of the potential for Australian tree species in the Philippines, Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, 2000 (available in two files part 1 and part 2)

(with S. McDonald) An M/M/k_i Queuing network model of labor market search, in: Proceedings of the 2nd Joint International Workshop ORSJ_The Operations Research Society of Japan, Hokkaido Chapter and ASOR-the Australian Society for Operations Research, inc. Queensland Branch, 26-28 June 2000, Sapporo, Japan.

(with David Panton and Patrick Tobin) Forecasting issues in the electricity market and development of an optimal contracting stratgey, in: J. Hewitt (ed.) Proceedings of the 1999 Mathematics in Industry Study Group, QUT, Brisbane 1-5 February 1999.

(with S.McDonald) Job queues and job search: a queueing network model of labour market dynamics, in: E.Kozan and R.Beard (Eds.) ASOR 3rd operations research conference, Brisbane 2nd June 2000.

(with M. Wegener) An analysis of the optimal length of harvest season in the Queensland sugar industry using a stochastic differential game of timing, in: E.Kozan (Ed.) Proceedings of the 15th National conference of the Australian Society for Operations Research< vol.1, pp. 185-193.

(with S. McDonald) Application of Yasue-Nelson Stochastic Calculus of variations to finance, in: proceedings of the Queensland Finance Conference, Queensland University of Technology, 26-th-29-th September, 1999.

“A Two Person Stochastic Differential Game of the Exploitation of a Common Pasture”, in: E.Kozan and R. Beard,New Research in OR: Proceedings of the 2nd ASOR Queensland Conference, Brisbane 27th November 1998.

(with Colin Brown and John Mott) “Optimal stocking in Economic Models of Range Management”, Abstract of paper for the Australian Rangeland Society 10th Biennial Conference, Gatton Dec. 1-4 1997

“Neuere theoretische Ansaetze zur chinesischen Landwirtschaftsreform” (Some new theoretical approaches to China's agricultural reforms),Chinablaetter No. 18, 1991, pp. 316-329.

Book Reviews

Bezalel Peleg and Peter Sudhölter (eds.), Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games, (Kluwer Academic Publishers,(published in The Economic Record Volume 80;Issue 251;Page 468;- December 2004 pp. 478-479.)

Abell, M.L. and Braselton, J.P. (1994 )Differential Equations with MAPLE V, AP Professional,684 pp. (Published in the Australian Computer Journal Book Reviews (Electronically) 1995)
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